Electrical Infrastructure Management is Going Digital

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Making Buildings Smarter

“Imagine a world where any facility manager can open their electric panels from any device from the comfort of their office or even home', said Rob Moreno Senior VP Berg Electric

TORRANCE, Calif. February 06, 2018

SmartCSM today announced that it is has launched nationally its online service which allows engineers, electrical contractors, facility managers and building operators to bring their entire electrical infrastructure online and provide instant access to all aspects of their electrical assets from any device, anytime, anywhere.

The SmartCSM solution enables the various professionals who service the electrical infrastructure to quickly and easily move their paper plans, records, manuals, as-builds and documents online to create the first complete digital version of a building’s entire electrical infrastructure. As the entire world moves to digital creating massive efficiency, commercial buildings still rely on aging paper plans, poorly kept records, and technicians who take all that hard-earned infrastructure knowledge with them when they leave.

The national launch of the service is on the heels of a $1.1M financing round including institutional investors Tamarisc Ventures and Rising Tide as well as a growing number of partnerships with some of the largest electrical contractors in America. Companies like Berg Electric and Rosendin Electric are starting to deploy SmartCSM in new construction projects and service work to build a better relationship with their customer that ties completion of new projects with servicing and owning their clients for many years to come.

“SmartCSM is not BIM but rather a simple to use solution built by electrician for electricians that take minutes to deploy,� said Craig Caryl, CEO of SmartCSM, “This solution allows our partners to build a digital history of their electrical work done from inception to management of building, helping them save their customer’s time, money and lives, reduce risk and waste associated to the old paper way of managing electrical data. Whether it’s changing a floor plan on a Tenant Improvement (TI) or building a new hospital SmartCSM is a simple solution that gets the information to the field tech in seconds instead of hours or not at all�

SmartCSM allows some of the country’s largest commercial building operators along with the service departments of large electrical contracting firms to derive significant value and savings from deploying SmartCSM. “We view SmartCSM as a way to differentiate our service in the marketplace�, said Brian Smith, Services Director at Rosendin, “Any time we are in the field it makes sense to enter the work we complete on SmartCSM not only to grow our repeat business but to create a history of the work completed for our client. It also makes it easier for our customer to keep their electrical infrastructure data current, online and at their fingertips in a digital as-build and available for their whole team from any device.�

Organizations and companies like Cal State University Dominguez Hills, United Airlines, Salvation Army, City of Manhattan Beach, and others are beginning their transition from paper to digital management of their electrical infrastructure. The move from paper to digital with SmartCSM is beginning to reveal benefits for these companies along with the electrical contracting firms and the service departments that work with them. Being able to locate their plans more quickly, more effectively identify current and prior work done with a few clicks, and identify affected areas before they are affected by utility shutdowns is saving customers at least 15% of their annual labor costs by reducing redundant work associated to doing things on paper.

“Imagine a world where any facility manager can open their electric panels from any device from the comfort of their office or even home', said Rob Moreno Senior VP Berg Electric, “We are not only imagining it, we are delivering it to our new construction and services project customers. SmartCSM helps us deliver our customers a digital as-build that helps them run their building more efficiently and safely, identify issues quickly and resolve them with less effort. It also helps them stay more connected to our team.

About SmartCSM
SmartCSM is a cloud based software platform that makes buildings smarter. Today's building utility infrastructure is disconnected, offline and poorly serviced. SmartCSM creates any easy-to-use digital as-build of building allowing building operators to instantly bring on-line and manage their electrical infrastructure. SmartCSM allows buildings to operate more safely, efficiently and with greater visibility saving building operators time and money while reducing risk and creating a greener future. SmartCSM customers include some of the largest building operators and technicians in the country include Berg Electric, City of Manhattan Beach, United Airlines, Children's Hospital OC, The Salvation Army, Cal State University Dominguez Hills

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