Enthusiastic Consent App Is Seeking Community Support on Indiegogo

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Melbourne, Australia — 02/06/2018 — Eloise Palmi a former Head Mistress of Australia's leading professional dungeon space, has pivoted an app being developed by her startup to offer a free version to make sure enthusiastic consent remains available to everyone. With four years experience in the field and more than a thousand one-on-one negotiations under her belt, she has launched the App project to ensure binding smart contracts proposed by LegalFling do not become an accepted norm.

This app is called Do It Better and it is packed with many features:

– Visualize Negotiations
– Providing Instant Clarity of Interests
– Experience Levels, Limits and Health Considerations,
– Promote Ethical, Informed and Compassionate Consent
– Oppose Legally Binding Contracts

“Every person, irrespective of gender, orientation or personal interests deserves compassion, respect and therefore, enthusiastic consent is for everyone.” Said Eloise Palmi, while introducing the app to the Indiegogo community. According to the co-founder, the app will be offered for absolutely free and it will ultimately benefit everyone.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/do-it-better-empowering-enthusiastic-consent-app-mobile-technology and supporters from around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. Each pledge offers a great reward and the goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise a sum of $55,000. More details are available on the Indiegogo campaign page of the project.

About Do It Better
Do It Better is an emerging app that encourages and facilitates conversations so that the issues around consent can be managed through health dialogue. The project has a great value for humanity and is founded on the principle of transparency. Moreover, the app is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo platform and the creators are welcoming everyone to make generous contributions.

Contact Person: Eloise Palmi
Company: Do It Better
City: Melbourne
State: Queensland
Country: Australia
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/do-it-better-empowering-enthusiastic-consent-app-mobile-technology

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