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CUPERTINO, CA – 02-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — ESQ Business Service Inc. today announced the general availability of its OperationsBridge™ 3.0 release that allows financial institutions (FIs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to optimize their business utilizing the unprecedented configurability of the OperationsBridge™ 3.0 platform.

The continued growth and increasingly complex deployment scenarios in the ATM market segment require increasingly sophisticated ATM and device management. OperationsBridge™ 3.0 was designed to meet the modern-day management challenges of ATM and related devices faced by our customers. The rich-set of data derived from OperationsBridge™ 3.0 delivers rapid identification, automated responses, and resolutions to faults and trending patterns; resulting in positive impact on operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction.ESQ worked with a range of customer around the globe to identify and incorporate specific features into OperationsBridge™ 3.0 to support the rapidly changing payments and banking segments across enterprise and cloud deployments. A half-dozen leading FIs and MSPs worldwide have successfully deployed the latest OperationsBridge™ 3.0 Suite of products.These early access customers are already managing over 75,000 ATMs worldwide, and we expect to have another 50,000 ATMs from new customers to go live on OperationsBridge™ 3.0 in 2018 alone.“ATMs are becoming more complicated devices, which means more ways for things to go wrong. With that in mind, we designed OperationsBridge™ 3.0 with the flexibility to identify and act on the full life-cycle of any issue, offering both preventive and reactive automation, and providing the customized business flows that customers require in order to compete in the market,” said Bob Perreault, COO, ESQ Business Service. Inc.“OperationsBridge™ 3.0 has rich-set of features that are perfectly suited to deliver both out-of-the-box value and customized solutions configurable to each customer, with scalability to ATM estates with well over 50,000 ATMs being managed. It is a complete offering for FIs and MSPs wanting to enhance service levels, streamline inter-organizational business processes, and deliver more capability to the end customer,” he added. About ESQ Business Service Inc.Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, ESQ Business Services specializes in next-generation, enterprise transaction and ATM/device management solutions.  Its flagship platform, OperationsBridge™ offers a comprehensive multi-vendor, multi-tenant environment utilized by top financial institutions, financial service providers, and independent ATM deployers. Today, ESQ and its global network of partners support customers utilizing OperationsBridge on six continents, utilizing MSPs and enterprise deployments. These customers, managing over 325,000 ATMs worldwide, have chosen ESQ as their strategic partner. For additional information, please visit us at

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