European Quality Garnacha/Grenache: The New Hit Grape from the Old World

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NEW YORK – 11-14-2018 ( — Spain and France join forces with the European Commission to unveil the grape’s true potential in North America

Garnacha Origen Association and Wines of Roussillon (Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Roussillon) are thrilled to announce their alliance in launching “Garnacha/Grenache: The New Hit Grape from the Old World,” a three-year European Union co-funded campaign to raise awareness of European quality Garnacha/Grenache wines in the USA and Canada. Garnacha, also known by its French nom de vin Grenache, is one of the world’s oldest and most widely planted wine grapes. Luscious, fruity and very diverse, it is perfectly suited to Europe’s Mediterranean climate and terroirs, where it can reveal its most intense and enamoring expressions. 

European quality Garnacha/Grenache has been gaining momentum and appreciation amongst American wine trade professionals, who recognize Euro-Mediterranean wine producers’ efforts in breaking new levels of quality:

“Our Garnacha offerings have long been a favorite internally; it is great to see that consumers are recognizing the value of this varietal. Each year, our Vinas Viejas and joven Garnacha showcase the dynamic growing conditions of the region,” stated Julia Nader, Director of Marketing with the E&J Gallo Winery.

In fact, this growing appreciation is clearly expressed by export trends of Garnacha/Grenache-based wines from both Spain and France. From 2014 to 2016, Garnacha/Grenache’s market share has extraordinarily increased by 34% in terms of value, going from 12.2 million USD in 2014 to 15.1 million USD in 2016. However, Garnacha/Grenache has yet to become a mainstream variety in the minds of American consumers. The Garnacha/Grenache campaign will aim to change that, in order to make the grape a staple in both wine stores and restaurants. 

“Our objective with this campaign is to increase the competitiveness of EU quality wines, specifically those produced with the Garnacha/Grenache grape, by increasing its awareness as an EU agricultural product and raising the grape’s profile in high growth third countries, including the USA and Canada,” said Sofia Gonzalez, Manager of European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines Program.

With red and white, rosé, and even sweet and sparkling wines, Garnacha/Grenache is capable of great diversity. Characterized by excellent balance and an expressive nature, Garnacha/Grenache is sometimes dubbed the most food-friendly grape in the world, and is widely available at less than $25 a bottle, making it ideal to please Americans’ growing curiosity and appreciation for high-quality wines.

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