European School of Economics – Graduation Ceremony 2017/2018

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The ceremony was held on 21 of April, 2018 and Nobel Laureate, Prof. Jozef Minďáš will be the guest of honour

Press Release updated: Apr 28, 2018 15:00 CEST

FLORENCE, Italy, April 28, 2018 – ​European School of Economics (ESE) celebrated the graduation ceremony for all its graduate and post-graduate students on the 21 of April. The ceremony will be held at Teatro Odeon in Piazza Strozzi 2 near the ESE Florence campus. All the students who have successfully completed undergraduate degrees from the University of Buckingham (UK) and University of Central Europe (UCEU) will be receiving their degrees at the graduation ceremony.

The chief guest for the occasion was Prof Jozef Minďáš, who is a renowned and well-respected academician and has also served as the Director of the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Slovak Republic. He was a member of the international team, IPOO, which received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded by the UN Climate Committee and the Al Gore Foundation. In fact, he was the first citizen of his country to be bestowed with the prestigious honour. A visionary and an inspiration to many, Prof Jozef Minďáš is currently serving as the rector of the University of Central Europe in Skalica (UCEU).

Both the ESE Florence campus and the Teatro Cinema Odeon are distinguished venues that will provide outstanding backdrops to the once-in-a-lifetime memories that students will make on their Graduation Day. The ESE campus is actually a part of a Renaissance Palace, Palazzo Rosselli Del Turco. Completed in 1530, it remains an indispensable and central part of the city of Borgo Santi Apostoli. On the other hand, Teatro Cinema Odeon is one of the first cinema halls in Italy and possibly, one of the most breathtaking venues in the country. The building that houses the theatre, Palazzo Strozzino is an even older establishment. It was built in 1462 and stands as an impressive example of the Renaissance Art.

These buildings are the finest symbols of what great minds can achieve and how their achievements can live through time and inspire generations to come. For more information about the graduation ceremony, you can mail at <[email protected]>.

About ESE:
ESE, is an institution of global repute founded by Elio D'Anna to revolutionize the world educational system. ESE offers industry-focused Management courses through its many centers across the world, including New York, London, Milan, Madrid, Florence, and Rome. Each of these cosmopolitan cities is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Naturally, these campuses offer excellent international exposure to ESE’s students. The students learn in an enriching environment that allows them to think across borders and across cultures, resulting in a well-rounded thought process. This is in line with the founding philosophy of ESE, which values complete individuals, who are full of freedom of thought, integrity, innovation, and learning. In fact, it is this wholesome educational method that has created a brand name for ESE. The ESE method is inspired by the ancient Greek education system. This system demands dynamism, vibrant interaction, and a problem solving attitude. For more information on the courses, faculty or the admission process at ESE, please visit <>

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