Ex-Government Data Scientist Joins Flipside Crypto as Head of Data Science

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Investment Clubs and Data Solutions for Cryptocurrencies

I’m looking forward to the challenge of developing models to identify trends and insights in the cryptocurrency market.

BOSTON February 06, 2018

Flipside Crypto (flipsidecrypto.com) is proud to welcome Eric Stone as the newest addition to their team. Eric will take over all cryptocurrency algorithm development and data science tasks for the organization.

Eric joins Flipside Crypto with nearly a decade of experience as a Data Science executive, most recently as Lead Data Scientist for Product at Pluralsight and before that, Smarterer, where he led Data Science until the company’s acquisition by Pluralsight in 2014. Previous to Smarterer, Eric was a government spy, and probably knows what you did in 2011 (he was actually building algorithms to predict geo-political events). Eric was also a Fellow at Temple University, where he pursued a PhD in statistics from 2010 to 2012, spending his summers at the USDA’s statistics service writing models to get farmers to answer more surveys.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Eric join us as we seek to capture and understand critical data about the crypto ecosystem,â€� noted Dave Balter, CEO of Flipside Crypto. “As both Jim Myers and I have worked alongside Eric at Smarterer before, this is something of a homecoming. There isn’t anyone more capable of data mining and building useful algorithms – all while keeping explanations down-to-earth.”

Flipside Crypto currently utilizes three proprietary algorithms: one that evaluates speculation on exchanges by simulating various trading strategies, a GitHub index that analyzes developer engagement, and a nodes tracker that provides blockchain-level signal of actual token utility. Flipside Crypto currently utilizes these algorithms to identify cryptocurrency to purchase for Investment Clubs.

“There is still relatively little sophisticated cryptocurrency data available to investors,� noted the impeccably well-dressed Eric Stone, “I’m looking forward to the challenge of developing models to identify trends and insights in the cryptocurrency market.�

Mr. Stone’s responsibilities will encompass oversight of Flipside Crypto’s core algorithms, and development of Flipside Crypto’s datasets into products that will educate and inform investors and developers of cryptocurrencies.

“Flipside Crypto’s data has been a game changer for my investments in cryptocurrency,� said Ty Danco, an experienced financial executive having previously led eSec Lending, and a current Flipside Crypto Club Member. “The access to the Clubs’ and membership’s expertise, especially on the ‘off-the-run’ altcoins, has been terrific. While I bought in as an easier way to get crypto diversification, the bigger benefit has been the education.�

Flipside Crypto launched in mid-2017, developing its first data solutions and offering a series of Investment Clubs related to cryptocurrencies. Flipside Crypto has currently launched 6 Clubs, via an innovative flat fee service model. The company provides a full suite of services from acquisition to digital walleting and a custody process, as well as portfolio dashboards and research for Club Members.


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