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BELLE PLAINE, MN – 05-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles announces the completion of the repurchase of the largest remaining new-old-stock (NOS) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inventory from the original production inventory for the 1999-2000 era proprietary motorcycles the company manufactured.Combining this with the current inventory of parts and services, this will complete the availability of parts and service for current owners and future generations of owners. Excelsior-Henderson, as needed over the years, has also resumed manufacturing of various parts and components to supplement the OEM inventory.

Excelsior-Henderson, tracing its roots to 1876, has a deep rich heritage as one of the original “Big 3” OEM motorcycle manufacturers along with Harley-Davidson and Indian during the early decades of motorcycling. Excelsior-Henderson’s heritage includes engineering and design innovations until ceasing production by owner Ignatz Schwinn of Chicago during the Great Depression.

In the 1990s, that engineering and design legacy was painstakingly carried forward with the rebirth of the brand and the development of a proprietary, new Super X motorcycle by the Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company. The company produced nearly 2000 proprietary motorcycles featuring dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, closed-loop fuel injection, integrated cassette transmissions, anti-dive suspensions, and more.Owners of the motorcycles today are just as fervent about the brand as the day they rode them off dealers’ lots.

“The motorcycles we produced have stood the test of time,” states Dan Hanlon, founder and principal of Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles. “The company has had its share of challenges, however we did manufacture and distribute proprietary motorcycles that are known and owned world-wide, and it is important to preserve our era for the generation of the motorcycles we produced, just as the Schwinn organization preserved their era. Current and future generation owners and collectors are now assured there will be world-wide parts and knowledge available, perhaps forever. It is the right thing to do.”

The company will distribute the inventory through Atlantic Excelsior-Henderson, based in Elkton, VA, who are an authorized licensed service and sales center exclusively oriented toward Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles. Jamie and Marty Jones, proprietors of Atlantic EH, states, “this will ensure the Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle owners’ community, which includes owners from international countries, has access to the resources they need, and we are honored to carry this commitment forward.” 

The company has a list of resources on its website, www.ExcelsiorHenderson.com and sponsors an international riding club, The Road Club.

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