Explosive Growth of Crypto Funds Continues in 2018

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Despite Falling Prices and Regulatory Hurdles, Hedge Funds & Venture Capital Launch Cryptocurrency Investment Funds at Record Pace

Rohnert Park, CA, April 27, 2018 — Prices for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are off about 50% from their December 2017 highs and the SEC has announced its intent to investigate over 100 crypto hedge funds. Yet those hurdles haven’t slowed the explosive growth of new crypto investment funds launching across the US, according to Crypto Fund Research.

With over 100 new crypto fund launches, 2017 was a record year for the industry. The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain investment universe has continued in 2018.

Already there have been 34 new crypto fund launches this year, putting 2018 on pace to meet or exceed the record 107 launches in 2017.

Josh Gnaizda, founder of Crypto Fund Research, said, “While crypto hedge funds constitute a small portion of hedge fund assets, they are one of the fastest growing sectors in the hedge fund industry. In addition, many venture capital funds are including cryptocurrency and blockchain assets in their existing portfolios, or creating new funds specifically to invest in digital assets.”

Owing to its existing dominance in hedge funds and venture capital, 57% of all crypto funds are based in the US. California and New York alone are home to nearly 100 crypto funds.

Top States for Crypto Funds
• California: 71
• New York: 28
• Illinois: 13
• Massachusetts: 8
• Texas: 5

More info on the state of the crypto fund industry can be found here: https://cryptofundresearch.com/cryptocurrency-funds-overview-infographic/

About Crypto Fund Research
Crypto Fund Research provides proprietary research on the cryptocurrency investment industry and is part of The Blue Heron Group, providing alternative investment research and consulting since 2007.

Resources https://cryptofundresearch.com

Josh Gnaizda, [email protected]

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