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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – 11-30-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — StrataBlue is a Midwest-based marketing technology agency that provides digital strategy and audience insight to companies and brands.  It’s self-described “digital nerds” create one-to-one conversations within today’s complex online ecosystem. Recently Facebook executives noticed how StrataBlue successfully shaped and executed two digital marketing campaigns on Facebook’s platform this summer generating almost 40 times return on clients’ ad spend.  StrataBlue’s strategy and results caused Facebook recently share StrataBlue’s best practices with its global business community: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/stratablue

Created and published by Facebook this month (Nov. 14), the StrataBlue client case study is part of  Facebook Business’ on-going knowledge sharing digital content series, “Success Stories.”  The case study details how StrataBlue created a tidal way of sales for two clients in the consumer-facing swimming pool installation business through a Facebook-focused, lead-generating marketing campaign. Facebook’s profile of the Indianapolis firm’s best practices breaks down the techniques employed by StrataBlue, in tandem with Facebook Ad Services, and reveals the measurables achieved.  Facebook digital marketing experts write about how StrataBlue’s “digital nerds” were able  to drive consumer engagement and build qualified customer leads for two swimming pool builder brands that did not have a digital marketing presence to build on.  (Kayak Pool, Indianapolis & Ambassador Pools, Massachusetts.).  

As a result, StrataBlue’s informed approach generated these client results: Kayak Pools:  $3.1 Million revenue increase; 7820 qualified leads and 36 times return on ad spend.  Ambassador Pools:  $2.1Million revenue increase; 5147 qualified leads and a 39 times return on ad spend.
StrataBlue is a marketing technology company based in Indianapolis with offices in Chicago and New Jersey. StrataBlue blends digital and physical marketing together for an entirely new customer journey.  To learn more about about StrataBlue visit: https://stratablue.com/.

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