Famed Bay Area Chess Coach Preparing Kids for the World Chess Championship

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Chris Torres is inspiring California’s top youth chess players by featuring the games of World Champion Magnus Carlsen and the American contender Fabiano Caruana.

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA – 07-01-2018 (Press Release Jet) — On a flat board mounted to the wall was position from a recent Fabiano Caruana versus Magnus Carlsen game, part of the 2015 Gashimov Memorial. Spread out on child sized chairs and tables a dozen or so campers were playing the exact same game, their eyes glued to the instructors demonstration board. Some watched with wide eyes while others gasped and cheered as the game progressed. Some dared to raise their hands to predict future moves or provide analysis of a tricky situation. Chris Torres, a famous chess instructor who teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, awarded points to correct answers and predictions.

While most summers Mr. Torres’ chess camps are filled with combinations of skill building exercises and rated games, this year young chess players are also preparing to enjoy the FIDE World Chess Championhip which will pit the current World Champion Magnus Carlsen against American hopeful Fabiano Caruana this coming November in London.

“The World Chess Championship is always an exciting event for the kids,” said Chris Torres who has coached scores of National Champions. “In the past the majority of the kids supported Viswanathan Anand and this time around Fabiano Caruana. I’m actually a huge Carlsen fan but I guess the campers choices show that I am doing a good job being impartial in the games presented. Mostly, I am just happy to see young chess players so excited about chess. Some other talented local coaches don’t show modern games to their students and I personally feel that is a huge missed opportunity. These kids should be exposed the classics as well as the current stars so that they can establish their own chess heroes. Honestly, I believe this balanced approach has directly led to much of my coaching successes.”

Chris’ summer chess classes will have 11 more weekly programs in Fremont, Newark and Pleasanton beginning July 9. Signing up is easy at www.ChessAndMusic.com. Scholarships are available and Chris even has special offers for those who can not attend. 

“Our classes are only $150 per week and some scholarships are still available. I certainly don’t want to deprive any aspiring talent from my lessons for lack of funds or scheduling conflicts so I will be regularly updating my chessmusings.wordpress.com blog with lessons as well as giving 50% off my private lessons for the remainder of the summer. It’s not often that the United States has a contender in the World Chess Championship and I want to make sure to inspire as much youth interest from this match as possible!”

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