Federal Title & Escrow Now Accepts Closing Funds Through ZOCCAM

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – 02-11-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Federal Title & Escrow is pleased to announce that Cash to Close funds can now be submitted electronically through our partner ZOCCAM. This technology means clients are now able to submit both their Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Cash to Close funds through the ZOCCAM app. This method not only expedites the closing process but increases security for all escrow transactions. 

“Providing our clients with the capability to deposit funds from a mobile device provides a much higher level of security as compared to an electronic wire or physically delivering a check to the closing table.”- Todd Ewing, CEO With the threat of wire fraud continually on the rise, Federal Title & Escrow felt that a more secure method of depositing closing funds was necessary. ZOCCAM’s app does just that by greatly reducing security risks and eliminating the potential of fraud through their secure payment processing. Clients simply need to take a picture of their cashier’s check and then follow the steps similar to depositing funds for most banking apps. It must be noted that while the EMD can be a personal check, closing funds MUST be deposited with a cashier’s check. By using ZOCCAM clients can ensure their funds are delivered securely and efficiently. “With the increased concerns over wire fraud, we thought it was important to provide a safe and secure alternative method for delivering funds. The ZOCCAM app fills this need by providing a safe and easy option for delivering funds remotely.”-Joe Gentile, PresidentAbout Federal Title & Escrow Company:Since 1996 we have set a standard of excellence in real estate closing services. We are a fully licensed, full-service title insurance and closing company, offering online and offline closing solutions for the residential real estate industry.We are the only settlement company that offers a REAL Credit™ to homebuyers who order settlement services online, either directly or with help from their real estate agent or mortgage lender.

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