Financial Education Benefits Center Offers Identity Theft Protection as Part of Benefits Packages

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Press Release updated: Apr 27, 2018 05:00 PDT

SAN RAMON, Calif., April 27, 2018 – The threat of identity theft seems to grow every year. High-profile data breaches and hacks throw the vulnerability of millions’ data into sharp relief. Data breaches can also come in various forms, from the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal to various instances of financial information hacks to medical identity theft. While some individuals are careful to protect their information, it can be hard or near-impossible for the average person to monitor everything. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a membership benefits company, offers members identity theft protection solutions as part of members’ benefits packages.

“Keeping your information secure can sometimes feel like a full-time job, and it can get stressful managing all the details,” said Jennifer Martinez, manager at FEBC. “Having an identity theft protection benefit available to our members is, we believe, a valuable aspect of our benefits packages.”

Members with access to the identity theft protection benefit who choose to utilize it receive quality service from world-class identity protection firm LifeLock. The company will provide members who’ve activated this benefit with monitoring of sensitive personal and financial information, among a variety of other services.

Having an identity theft protection benefit available to our members is, we believe, a valuable aspect of our benefits packages.

Jennifer Martinez

Manager at FEBC

Tens of millions of Americans have experienced the frustration of identity theft, but many do not have or want to take the time to protect themselves as much as they can, surveys have shown. Having another resource at hand could be valuable to many Americans, including FEBC members.

“It’s nice to take a step back and know that someone is watching out for your information, making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands,” said Martinez. “Especially when our lives are so dependent on keeping our information safe.”

About Financial Education Benefits Center

Financial Education Benefits Center is located in San Ramon, California. The membership company has already helped thousands save money and obtain the necessary education required to live a financially healthy life.

Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with several name brand third-party companies to expand the financial and educational products and services available to its members and to provide a variety of wellness services as well.


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