First Of Two Winter Storms Bring Rain And Snow In California

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There was a prediction from the National Weather service department that winter storms are going to hit California during this week. As predicted, the first of the two winter storms came to California with snowfall and rain. The mountains saw some snow on Monday. Some parts of California state experienced modest quantities of rain.

The storm was no that severe, but people were asked to be cautious about flowing of the debris and the mudslides due to the winter storm. The Sierra Nevada area experienced snow and traffic were hit on the U.S. 50 and Interstate 80 route.

After the storm, the weather for Wednesday is predicted to be cool and sunny in Los Angeles. But, the threat of the second winter storm of the week looms large. It would affect LA and other areas and cause snow and rain once again for the second time in a week. It will last for over a day. But, it will not be a severe one.

The National Weather Service says that the chances of the next rain and snow to cause mudslides and debris flow are less than 5 percent. The next winter storm will move into the region on Thursday.

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