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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the four key components of supply chain visibility to increase your productivity.

An effective supply chain management can be the major difference between a positive project with a happy customer and failure with unhappy clients, a setback to the reputation, and a possible decrease in revenue. When organizations pay continuous attention to their supply chain at all levels, they will be able to guarantee that they get the supplies and raw materials required, when it is needed. Supply chain visibility lets retailers, manufacturers, and industrial companies see the location of raw materials, products, supplies, and other important material at any point within the supply chain. A good supply chain visibility solution permits all the stakeholders and the parties involved to monitor, view, and track the movement of supplies through the system. In this blog, Quantzig has listed the four key components of supply chain visibility to increase your productivity.

According to the supply chain visibility experts at Quantzig, “Supply chain visibility provides the data and tools that are needed to maintain this level of vigilance on productivity.”

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Key components of supply chain visibility to increase your productivity

  • Production: Organizations can trace the manufacturing, creation, or production of the raw materials, components, parts, and finished items. This comprises of common items like nuts and bolts or as specialized as custom-built or one-of-a-kind components. For instance, if a specific kind of part for the engines that a firm makes is in demand, supply chain visibility lets firms know when those parts are arranged to be made, when the production is happening, and when they will be completed. This lets better scheduling of processes at the firm’s end and avoids delays or shutdowns while waiting on parts; therefore, refining supply chain management and operations.
  • On hand availability: An effective supply chain visibility system should be able to instantly specify the on-hand availability of supplies and materials required for the business operations. The ability to know “how much” or “how many” can be retrieved at once is a critical component of productivity and planning. Businesses can be informed well in advance when more materials or supplies need to be ordered. This will also help them to tell how fast supplies are being used and whether or not there are signals of wastage or other factors that could affect the acquisition.
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  • Cost: The supply chain visibility system should let firms monitor prices of supplies, components, and raw materials. When this information is accessible at hand, organizations will be able to balance budgetary factors with productivity needs to keep all the processes moving forward.
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