Free transportation boarding school in L.A, Challenges and Benefits

Free transportation boarding school in L.A,

An abandoned piece of lanhoping2 acre area in Vermont and Manchester Avenue, L.A since 1992 is nowadays underway for the development of a transportation boarding school without any fee.

The project is being carried out under the Los Angeles County, which shall include apartments, job training center, a plaza and a retail space of around 50,000 sq.ft.This school is expected to cater to nearly 400 students and shall start from 2020.

The school shall be mainly funded by the State but it would also receive grants and donations from the transportation industry. Officials are hoping to attract homeless students or involve in the criminal justice system. It definitely sounds good but this project has certain challenges attached to it too.

Some people belonging to south L.A rose the objection of the need to build more restaurants or grocery stores, as per their needs, than a transportation boarding school. A resident of Vermont Elisa McGhee commented on this project as not the best thing for the community and threw light that it shall not be able to attract retail in future. She also fears that this school would have a mixed ratio of students from various backgrounds and can turn into a soft jail creating harm to the surroundings too.

Joanne Peterson, the head of Metro is overall optimistic about the project and stated that a boarding school with a vocational center and particularly having a special focus on transportation is unique and a good development for this area specifically.

He also stressed that this school would help a lot to fill many upcoming vacant positions in Metro which would be required in a huge number after the retirement of a big lot from Metro in coming days.

Pedro Noguera, professor of Education at UCLA, is of the view that to provide high-quality education in a suitable environment to disadvantaged students moreover to provide them with vocational skills and to prepare them to get jobs in future and become a part of society seems to be a promising concept.

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