Global Water Treatment Additives Market – Insights and Trends

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Albany, NY — 02/06/2018 — Water Treatment Additives Market Overview:

Water treatment is a process of making contaminated water suitable for drinking, industry or medicinal purposes. Removal of water contaminants from the water is achieved by the use of additives. Pollution caused by industrial activities are offering frequent growth of bacterial contamination and algal blooms which lead to low density of dissolved oxygen. Water treatments using additives such as polyethylene glycol activated carbon and selected surfactants enhance the treatment of contaminated water. Availability of freshwater is very low, which is why the demand for Wastewater treatment is huge. The efficacy of the water treatment additives depends on the rate of dosage and time of presence of the additive in the water.

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Water Treatment Additives Market Segmentation:

Water treatment additives market has been segmented on the basis of the type of additive, type of water, range of application and geography. On the basis of the type of water treatment additive market is segmented into corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors, biocides, defoamer organic polymer and others. Scale inhibitors and the organic polymer has the highest share in the market. On the basis of the type of water, water treatment additives market is segmented into wastewater treatment and water treatment. On the basis of range of application water treatment additives market is segmented into food and beverage industry, pulp and paper industry, wastewater industry, electronic industry, water industry, oil and gas industry and others. The electronics industry is expected to grow at a faster rate, as water industry occupies the major share in this segment. On the basis of geography water treatment additives market is segmented into Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.

Water Treatment Additives Market Regional Outlook:

On the basis of regional outlook, water treatment additives market is segmented into five different regions: Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. In the regional market, Asia Pacific has the biggest market for water treatment additives due to the increasing demand from developing country like India.

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Water Treatment Additives Market Drivers:

A large volume of drinking water, approximately 80% which is used for the residential application is obtained from rivers, ocean, reservoirs, and lakes, which are found as contaminated and polluted by various industrial, residential and agricultural pollutants. Industrial pollutants generally come from chemical plants, pulp mills, steel factories and other manufacturing mills. These industries dump all their waste and billion pounds of toxic chemicals in the nearby water bodies, which affect the marine life adversely and also affects the public health via drinking water channels that are connected to the water bodies. The residential pollution also covers a major segment in the pollution of water bodies as large number of household garbage is being dumped in the water bodies, which contains microbes and various bacteria that infect the water and affect humans through drinking water channels. Agricultural pesticides and insecticides are also one of the factors for water pollution in rural areas. Toxic chemicals wash off from the fields into the water bodies causing infections in the aquatic animals and diseases in humans. Thus all these factors are expected to drive the water treatment additives market during the forecast period. Furthermore, lack of freshwater resources with regard to the increasing population is leading towards the greater demand for water treatment additives in the developing countries. A huge amount of water is consumed by the industrial sector as well as the agriculture sector worldwide, so the water treatment additives will be in huge demand, which is probably going to push the market to a great extent. The only challenge for the market players will be the proper distribution facilities of the treated water.

Market Key Players:

Some of the key players in water treatment additives market includes Nalco holding company, GE power & water, Kurita water industries, BASF SE, Kemira OYJ, Akzo Nobel N.V, Kemira Chemicals Inc., Lubrizol Corporation, Numatik Engineers Pvt Ltd., PennarEnviro Limited, Primary Chemicals LLC, RX Marine International, TG Water Additives LLC, Tiarco Chemical and others.

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