Goldlink Algorithm DECA, Using Big Data to Interpret the Human Brain

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SEOUL, South Korea, May 18, 2018The big data system “DECA” that classifies the human race into 216,000 sorts by the analysis of individual personality and predicts the decision-making process has recently appeared and is in the spotlight.

Online platform Goldlink announced that it established a big data system that combines Decision Energy Classification Algorithm (DECA) that can analyze and predict individual personality under the decision-making system and Sniping Survey Algorithm (SSA) that has the function of searching specific targets.


DECA is an algorithm that analyzes individual personality with high precision and predicts the decision-making process. The algorithm divides the principle of human decision-making into communication, health, actions, relationships, and economical decisions.

In addition, the algorithm classifies the humans into five categories including Fixation-Stable (FS), Unstable-Propulsion (UP), Cautious-Precision (CP), Courage-Adventure (CA), and Wisdom-Clever (WC) types according to decision energy, reflecting congenital conditions (including birth date) and acquired conditions (including social environment).

Mr. Kim a manager from Goldlink explained that “Our company analyzed the brain structures (decision-making algorithm) of major Korean politicians and world-leading entrepreneurs,” and that “our company established high-levels of DECA-SSA big data incomparable to existing big data by calculating decision energy on which personality is based.

Meanwhile, Goldlink ( has established various service platforms and its online ecosystem based on DECA and is now progressing a private presale in order to issue GUL (Gold Universal Link) cryptocurrency.

Goldlink cryptocurrency “Gul” coins are provided as rewards for participation so as to solve problems with the mining system of existing cryptocurrencies. In other words, the coins are fairly and differentially paid depending on the number of Goldlink participants and their levels of activities and Goldlink encourages the expansion of subscribers and operators of its services by allowing early participants in the Goldlink ecosystem to obtain big rewards. GUL can be used a means of payment for using online and offline products and services affiliated with Goldlink.

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Gold Link
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