GPS Apps Creating Traffic Problems In Baxter Street

Baxter Street in Los Angeles is experiencing unusual traffic and people are blaming GPS app called Waze for this situation.

Jeff Hartman, who has lived in the area for the past twenty years, feels that they had never witnessed something like this earlier. According to reports, when an address is put on the app, it shows that the normal route has heavy traffic and diverts the traffic through the Baxter Street.

Baxter Street is one of the steepest roads in the country and the ride through it is difficult for the people who don’t know about the terrain.

When people reach the top, they won’t be able to see the hill on the next street and this makes the people stop at the top. This causes more problems.

According to Hartman, there were dangerous accidents like car flipped to the yard of his neighbor, vehicles slipped down the hill due to rain, etc. The residents in the area have documented some of these accidents.

Tom Rowe, police chief in Leonia, New Jersey said that people blindly follow these apps and sometimes the results are scary.

The Leonia police has solved the problem by restricting the side street traffic only to residents during rush hour. This causes Waze app to remove the shortcut.

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