Grupo Nova Atlantida's Baleia Beach in Ceara, Brazil is being branded -The New Brazilian Cancun-

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February 06, 2018 – In the 24 hours since the public announcement that construction is to commence soon, land prices in that region have risen by approximately 80% and specialists are predicting that the value of land could increase to over 300% within the next 5 years. Furthermore Ceara’s Baleia Beach is being coined “The New Brazilian Cancunâ€�.

Following New Atlantis Group’s victory, many other institutions are considering new business opportunities and ventures in this region of Brazil. Corporate giants such as Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Meliá Group and other major international luxury hotel chains.

The fact that there is so much reported institutional interest in this region now, the property prices are most definitely going to show a significant increase in this area.

The local businesses, tourism industry and general economy of this region will flourish as direct consequence. The planned areas of development are said to cover the principally in Baleia Beach (40 km for Itapipoca), that is considered one of Brazil’s most luxurious beaches.

There is already another new airport close to this region, located in Jericoacara Beach ( one of the best places for vacation in the world ) that has already been facilitating visitors from all over the world since June 2017.

The Ceara state government are investing in Itapipoca airport to prepare for the tourism and the future of Baleia Beach. The “Nova Atlantida� tourism project and others projects in this area will need aerial transportation and infrastructure to handle the amount of tourists that are destined for this area in the future.

The Government have said that major airlines such as Air France , TAP Air Portugal, Iberia, Lufthansa, TAM, GOL, Linhas, Aereas, Inteligentes and LAN amongst others have all demonstrated a keen interest to get national and international routes to this new airport.


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