Harrison College Reduces Tuition for Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN to BSN)

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Harrison College, a nationally accredited, career-focused higher education institution serving more than 2,000 students, is offering a reduced rate on its popular RN to BSN program.

For qualifying students from Indiana and Ohio, enrolling for the term starting June 25, 2018, the cost of the program, regardless of how long it takes the student to finish*, will be reduced to $8,000 from approximately $15,000, a 47% savings for students.

For students with robust prerequisite qualifications the Harrison College RN to BSN online program could be completed in as quickly as 15 months – this would result in approximately $111 per credit hour.

In this online program, qualified, existing RN’s will have specialized mentors who are MSN-prepared instructors and will be taught to:

  •     Use clinical reasoning and sound clinical judgment
  •     Promote safety and quality when providing care to patients
  •     Develop and support personal professionalism within the realm of management and leadership opportunities
  •     Seek opportunities to promote excellent care and develop a spirit of inquiry to be continually learning.

“The field of nursing is growing briskly, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reporting that the number of jobs is expected to grow 16% from 2014 to 2024. According to the BLS, there are 2,751,000 licensed registered nurses in the U.S. today, while 3,190,300 are expected to be in practice by 2024,” said Karen Tieman, MSN Ed, RN, and Harrison College’s Director for the RN to BSN program. “More and more employers are looking for nurses with BSN degrees, and we want to offer our students the ability to earn a BSN as cost-effectively and conveniently as possible.”

According to an analysis of nursing positions posted for hire in Indiana’s major cities by http://www.bsnedu.org, many of the job postings for nurses in Indiana require that applicants complete a BSN program within several years of being hired. The average salaries for RNs with a BSN in Indiana were 86% higher than those with only associates degrees (Associate – $41,205, BSN – $76,690) according to the state’s Department of Workforce Development.

The RN-BSN Bachelor of Science program at Harrison College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.aacnnursing.org/CCNE). The online bachelor’s degree in nursing is designed to meet the needs of professional registered nurses who are currently employed and is compatible with many health care employer education reimbursement programs.

The online-only, RN-BSN course gives working students the flexibility to learn and study around their own busy work and home schedules. And Harrison College’s mentors for the online learning nursing program will provide the personal support they need.

About Harrison College

Harrison College is a nationally accredited institution dedicated to excellence in higher learning. With a concentration on career-focused education, the college grants Associate and Bachelor Degrees, as well as Certificates and Diplomas. Harrison operates campuses throughout Indiana and Ohio. Students may also earn degrees by taking classes 100% online, or through a combination of online and classroom learning. Students may choose degrees in Business, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Veterinary Technology as well as the college’s culinary division, The Chef’s Academy, in North Carolina. Harrison College was founded in 1902.

  • Would automatically revert to standard tuition rates after any break in enrollment before completion.
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