How PR Distribution Services Spread your Press Release across Search Engines: Boosting up SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rankings

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Gaining publicity using press release distribution is not a new way of marketing, in fact, most people are using online press release distribution services since the globalization of digital marketing. Throughout time, the need for PR (press release) distribution service is growing, so as the number of companies offering distribution service is increasing rapidly.

Business and organizations, regardless of the industry and type, always have the constant need of keeping close contact with their public relations network. They often publish a press release for sharing information about their products, services, current affairs etc. Since there is a lot of option nowadays, they look for a PR Distribution service provider that is able to expose their press releases to the mass media and to thousands of audiences, at an affordable rate. shares a checklist for long-form content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to help businesses succeed with their content marketing strategy in 2019.

Making PR Submissions to gives a press release maximized search engine visibility and boosts up the SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. Being famous on search engines is not an easy task. The press release needs to clearly communicate with the audience and writing must contain most volume search engine keywords. People who want to get their press releases written by professional copywriters can get help from PR Copywriter services. This service offers a complete press release draft in a quick turnaround. For having guaranteed satisfaction and unlimited revision requests, the Concierge Copywriter is recommended which also offers Press Release Seo Audit as well.

PR Distribution plans start at pricing as low as $69 and can offer placements in tens and hundreds of media outlets. Every PR Distribution plan offered by guarantees a permanent hosting on their news section, along with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo!, Bing News, Bing, Google News. Moreover, some of the distribution plans offer guaranteed distribution in top news wires such as CBS, FOX ABC, NBC and many more. Here is a screenshot of a Google search result conducted using a recently distributed PR showing the impact on Google an average PR has:

On a recent review by Fit Small Business, was nominated as the best low-cost press release distribution service provider of 2019. For more information, click here.

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