How the “Los Angeles Incubator Consortium” is helping out new lawyers and the society?

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The Los Angeles Incubator Consortium was established in 2015 with the objective of furnishing necessary training and cooperation to the new lawyers so that they can provide their services in less privileged communities for the provision of justice.


The main ideology behind this initiative was to cater those people of society who do not fall under free legal assistance program but are also not financially sound enough to proceed their cases through attaining the services of private lawyers.


Now, this Consortium is attracting lawyers from different backgrounds especially of various accents and languages. One of the reason could be of their acceptance more here than other programs. Also, those lawyers are joining more who like to do their jobs in their own way. Those too who are aspirant of setting up their own offices.


The Consortium has been lucky enough to get grants and funds to sustain itself. Last year, the California Bar Foundation provided a grant for the mechanism of the video conference. With the technical assistance of Legal Aid Foundation, the Consortium’s lawyers were able to earn $75 per hour and provided consultation to long-distance clients through video links for free.


The progress made by the Consortium during last three years is appreciable. As in total 24 lawyers benefited by the program. They have also been facilitated with student loans.


Such steps are definitely positive but more is needed to be done in this regard. If we want to provide justice to all levels of society than we would have to come up with such programs on larger scales with more financial resources for them and not just charity.





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