Ideas & Innovations Premieres Innovative Ticketing Kiosk

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Press Release updated: Feb 6, 2018 07:00 CST

CARROLLTON, Texas, February 6, 2018 – New technology developed by Ideas & Innovations LLC (I&I) has platforms supporting in-store concerts, sporting events, plays and movie theater ticketing in real time.

This innovative ticketing platform also offers dedicated advertising screens formatted to scan the customers’ characteristics and age and then to play advertising targeted specifically for them (which allows the stores to gain valuable insights about their customers’ shopping habits). The screens also help the customers learn more about the store’s promotions and receive valuable coupons and discounts from a variety of ticketing advertisers. 

I&I, the market leader in retail kiosk solutions, is a cutting-edge digital media company specializing in in-store platforms for all forms of entertainment, gift card and advertising strategies. I&I uses advertising managed by Premier Retail Network (PRN), a digital media company who (for the past 25 years) has specialized in in-store video advertising. I&I, is working to provide innovative media centers in stores which helps merchants to advertise their brands and enhance their customers’ shopping experiences.

I&I will soon announce further information concerning its strategic ticketing partnerships.

For more information, please visit and call with questions.

Contact Information

James Curtis
CEO of Ideas & Innovations LLC
(214) 908-4890
[email protected]

Donnie Bottinelli
(469) 568-5900 ext. 107
[email protected]

John Laspia
(469) 568-5900 ext. 115
[email protected]

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