Indie Filmmakers To Livestream Film Shoot

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Atlanta, GA May 18, 2018 – Indie Filmmakers, Dan and Jackie Gamber of Big Imagine Studio, are lifting the curtain from the covert process of a film shoot to allow fans and viewers to watch the making of a movie live, and in color, in real time, beginning this month!

Entitled “The Mark”, their SciFi feature, written and directed by national award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer Jackie Gamber, tells the story of Jim Newton, a bitter astrophysicist who must decide if a woman who claims to be his dead wife is telling the truth about her alien abduction, or she’s just trying to swindle an old man. With undertones of a psychological drama, “The Mark” gives evidence on both sides of story, leaving viewers to decide for themselves just what happened before Jim’s wife was sent to prison for killing their only child.

Although the story of “The Mark” contains a mystery, the process of filming a movie doesn’t need to be one. Filmmakers and Producers Dan and Jackie Gamber, Thomas Staples, and Cynthia Minor, partners as Mark Feature, LLC, will go beyond the usual behind-the-scenes reveal of a film shoot to include livestream events at

Big Imagine is an indie studio that believes in learning and empowering through creativity.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Dan Gamber at 404-747-9075 or email dan ( @ ) bigimagine dot com dot


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