INT chain Released, Developing with the New Market of Blockchain and IoT

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HANGZHOU, China, April 28, 2018 — As the first domestic chain of IoT public chain, INT chain 1.0 has been released, recently opening a global open beta for INT chain 2.0, and officially kicked off the blockchain technology in the IoT application of innovation and the beginning of new large-scale commercial application.

The IoT is so called the successor of the Internet, from the Internet 1.0 (PC era), which provides products and services in one direction, to Internet 2.0 (Mobile Internet), which is a product integrated with supply chain model. Today, hardware products and technology concepts have revolutionized the concept of “hardware + software + business model” of the Internet 3.0, also called the IoT. The people to people connection extends to the connection of everything, and the introduction of human-computer interaction and massive data traffic will undoubtedly push forward the application integration innovation of new generation information technology and the full speedup of large-scale commercialization, and will also promote a huge leap in social productivity.

Technological innovation is an endless upgrade, not a leap

Blockchain technology has become the basis of IoT and the underlying driving force for ecological growth. INT chain, which is driven by token economics, is a blockchain application platform and interactive standard built to achieve this goal. INT is like TCP/IP infrastructure in the IoT field, driven by the incentive-driven mechanism and decentralized design to provide support for the entire project ecosystem.

Industry-leading IoT multi-chain architecture model.

INT chain 2.0 integrates software-defined network SDN technology, fog computing, and blockchain technology, to propose a flexible, efficient, secure, and scalable distributed cloud architecture that effectively brings computing resources to the edge of the IoT network, relieves the congested data path of the core network and minimizes the device-to-device delay and power consumption of IoT devices.

The IoT application platform which best fits the actual scenario.

The universal relay chain frame design allows the INT chain to relay different IoTs, effectively circulating resources, greatly lowering the access threshold for the IoT, shortening the development cycle, and reducing the risk of IoT application development.

Blockchain based on the token economics.

The token economy will be the best carrier for blockchain value. INT promotes the implementation of software-defined resource technologies with blockchain technology and a true token incentive program. It conducts resource transactions based on an economy-driven model that guarantees security and inter-chain trust, realizing new value for the formation of IoT ecology formation of ecology.

At present, the IoT platform has become a must-see for the giants and its importance is self-evident. In view of the evolution of blockchain technology, INT chain 2.0 is the way to guide technology integration and superior resources from the industry and the market. Different scenarios of application requirements, terminal hardware technologies, system integration partners, and platform users are all essential and important roles in the future IoT ecosystem.

INT is the blockchain application platform and interaction standard for the IoT. It is intended to create an industry infrastructure based on blockchain technology, use case-driven principles to develop and match actual application requirements. The attributes of heterogeneous a multi-chain relay platform will also realize the integration of different IoT, form an edge computing network, effectively circulate resources, and accelerate the popularity of IoT in more emerging technology areas in the future.

At the meantime, using this global beta as a starting point, the INT technical team will vigorously promote INT chain 2.0 development and open source. Meanwhile, it will also start hardware design (router, gateway device, etc.), sample preparation, application testing, and the in-depth evolution of the architecture of cross-chain communication technologies (cross-heterogeneous systems) will fully promote the development and binding of industrial partners and truly commercialize the technical architecture of the platforms. This is also an industry-driven economic solution followed by INT, which establishes a truly safe and efficient IoT ecosystem.

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