Jail Inmates Release Dates Released By O.C. Sheriff’s Department

The Sheriff’s Department of Orange County has released the release dates of the inmates of the jail to the general public. They also revealed the release dates of the prison inmates who are in the country illegally.

This is a bold step taken by Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens to revolt against the California Sanctuary laws.

Don Barnes, the Undersheriff, said that the reaction taken by the O.C. sheriff’s department is in retaliation to the community law and the Senate bill 54 that came into force from January 1st.

This is the law that does not give any powers for the cooperation among the Federal Immigration authorities and the local law enforcement. Both the Sheriff and the Undersheriff raised their voices against this law.

Barnes said that the sheriff’s department has an obligation towards its local community. They want to protect and safeguard their community. They will use all the tools at their disposal to make the criminals accountable for their crimes.

The objections to the sanctuary laws of the state have been voiced from several municipalities in the Orange County. Many want their city to be exempted from SB 54.

172 inmates were released illegally into the country from January 1 to March 19. This is because the law prohibits the sheriff’s department from notifying the ICE.

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