Konnected releases new hardware that works WITH existing monitored alarm systems.

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ORLANDO, FLORIDA – 12-05-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — The new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE makes monitored alarm systems smarter. 

Konnected, the successful Kickstarter funded company that puts homeowners back in control of their home security and makes home automation open, accessible and approachable to all, today announced a follow up to their successful first product. The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE was released today for homeowners that do not want to replace their existing monitored alarm system but want the convenience of using their existing home security sensors and monitors for home automation. The new panel taps into most wired alarm systems to let homeowners monitor their zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat without affecting the operation of traditional wired security systems. 

“Since we launched our first product on Kickstarter we’ve been asked to bring a Konnected product to market that allows homeowners to keep using their existing alarm system and lets them connect wired zones to SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat,” said Nate Clark, CEO, and Founder of Konnected.io

The Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE works by “piggybacking” on the wired sensor loop, monitoring it in real-time without interfering with the normal operation of the traditional alarm system. This product uses the same NodeMCU WiFi module and open-source firmware and software as the original Konnected Alarm Panel to connect wirelessly to the home automation hub/platform of your choice. About Konnected Konnected is passionate about putting homeowners back in control of their home security and making home automation open, accessible and approachable to all. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a company to use YOUR infrastructure. To learn more about Konnected and how it can be your gateway to home automation by converting your home’s old, unused wired alarm system into a smart home, please visit konnected.io

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