Korean Cannabis Association arranges supply of high quality medical cannabis for Korean market

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TORONTO, CANADA – 07-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — In anticipation of legalization of medical cannabis in Korea, the Korean Cannabis Association has arranged for the supply of high quality medical cannabis, for the Korean market, from a joint venture of Tikun Olam, Ltd. and York Bridge Capital.

Tikun Olam, headquartered in Israel, is the world’s leading cannabis brand with partnerships in Canada, Australia, Germany and South Africa among its standard bearers. Tikun Olam pioneered medical cannabis; it was the first to put into commercial practice learning derived from Israel’s scientific research on the plant, begun in 1963. Over the past decade, working with patients and medical personnel in Israel’s regulated market, Tikun Olam has amassed a unique set of experiences and data. Its accumulated intellectual property (IP) – internally-developed genetic strains; cultivation and extraction expertise; surveys and records from over 10,000 patients; as well as the results of ongoing clinical trials – represent clear competitive advantages which differentiate Tikun Olam from all other cannabis companies.
York Bridge Capital is a Canadian private equity firm with offices in Toronto, Seoul and Los Angeles. York Bridge Capital’s principals and advisors have an extensive background in the medical marijuana and natural health products industry, including advising on legislative and regulatory design for the medical and recreational cannabis industry.
Representatives of the Korean Cannabis Association, Tikun Olam and York Bridge Capital met in Los Angeles on July 11th
In speaking of the meeting, Dr. Yonghyun Kwon of the Korean Cannabis Association commented: “The Korean Cannabis Association is working diligently with the Korean Government and the Korean FDA to legalize medical cannabis in Korea.A key element of success will be the delivery of high quality medical cannabis to Korean patients. Tikun Olam, in conjunction with York Bridge Capital can deliver this high quality product, for the benefit of Korean patients and Korean society as a whole”. 
Mr. Tzahi Cohen, Founder of Tikun Olam, added: “Tikun Olam is excited about supplying medical cannabis to Korea, as well as delivering Tikun Olam’s wealth of clinical research and expertise to the Korean market.In addition, Tikun Olam is looking forward to working with Korean medical researchers in continually developing both existing and new products for the Korean and global markets.Our primary goal is to improve human health through the delivery of clinically validated approaches and products.”
Mr. Ken Richards, co-founder of York Bridge Capital, further added: “There is no doubt that medical cannabis can benefit a wide variety of the most serious illnesses affecting human health. We are delighted to be working with the Korean Cannabis Association, Tikun Olam and key thought leaders in Korea to bring all of the benefits of medical cannabis to those patients most in need in Korea. In legalizing medical marijuana and implementing legalization in a thoughtful manner, Korea has the opportunity to be a global leader in medical cannabis treatment of the world’s most serious illnesses”. 

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