Kumana's Avocado Sauces To Hit Safeway And Albertsons Store Shelves In Northern California and Portland

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Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA May 18, 2018 – Kumana, best known for their Venezuelan-inspired Avocado Sauces, is set to expand their distribution in 400 Safeway and Albertsons locations across Northern California and Portland regions which will be available starting in June. The major supermarket chain marks Kumana’s debut venture into the brick-and-mortar retailer world, with plans to enter into several hundred additional locations in the coming months.

Kumana created the first shelf-stable avocado sauce of its kind and has increasingly grown in popularity since its launch earlier this year. The plant-based sauces are non-GMO verified, contain no added sugar, and are crafted from high-quality ingredients such as creamy avocados, fresh onion, bell pepper, cilantro, garlic and a splash of vinegar. Inspired by a beloved Venezuelan staple and modernized for today’s foodie community, Kumana Avocado Sauces add undeniable flavor and is truly good on everything from breakfast tacos, chicken salad to sweet potato fries. With three mouthwatering flavors, Kumana’s Be Original is truest to the founder’s family recipe while Be Sweet blends in mango puree for a mild, natural sweetness and Be Hot infuses mango puree and habanero for a touch of heat.

“By partnering with Safeway and Albertsons, we are excited to introduce our Avocado Sauces to consumers seeking diverse flavors for their evolving palettes,” said Francisco Pavan, CEO of Kumana. “We look forward to working with this valued retail partner to provide accessibility to our savory sauces.”

Kumana Avocado Sauces will be available at over 400 Safeway and Albertsons stores located in the Northern California and Portland areas beginning in June. For more information on Kumana Avocado Sauces, please visit www.kumanafoods.com.

About Kumana
Founded in 2016, Kumana is a Los Angeles-based company creating original sauces representing the diverse and delicious flavors from around the world. Inspired by a beloved Venezuelan staple, Kumana introduced the first shelf-stable avocado sauces that are plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Crafted from a unique blend of high-quality ingredients such as creamy avocados, fresh onion, bell pepper, cilantro, garlic and a splash of vinegar, Kumana’s signature Avocado Sauces are available in three flavors: Be Original, Be Sweet, and Be Hot. For more information on Kumana and their range of Avocado Sauces, please visit www.kumanafoods.com.


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