LA Cannot Impose All Its Gang Injunctions, Says Federal Judge

The US district Chief Judge Virginia. A. Phillips has come out with the 22-page order that prevents the Los Angeles City from imposing all of the remaining gang injunctions. This is a severe blow to the Los Angeles city as they have been practicing this controversial law enforcement for many years. It is one of the oldest law enforcement initiatives of the city.

The order from the federal judge is going to prevent the Los Angeles officials from imposing the injunctions and this will happen for the very first time. The law enforcement injunctions have been in force from the late 80’s and 90’s since the gang activities in the Los Angeles city grew.

There was a lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles city by the Los Angeles Youth Justice Coalition and American Civil Liberties Union. The injunctions used in the Los Angeles City were under the scrutiny since 2016.

After an audit by the LAPD and the Los Angeles City attorney’s office, there were 7300 people that were released in 2017 from various injunctions conditions some of the court orders would restrict a person from joining his friends or family members in areas that were considered to be Street gang havens.

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