LA Homeless Housing Gap Increasing Despite Tax Procedures

The homeless people in the Los Angeles County look to be increasing at alarming rates. This is why the government is not able to provide them with new houses despite adding thousands of beds for the past two years. They have spent millions of dollars to take care of the homeless crisis.

There are reports that the officials did not make a proper calculation of the new housing needed for the homeless people in LA. This is why they have fallen short of $73 million when they collected money from the county and city voters to support the homelessness program.

If the LA County is looking to house all the homeless population, then it would need to build more than 20,000 new units. This is about 5,000 more houses that they had projected a couple of years back. The shortfall of the short-term rental homes and emergency beds for the homeless has also gone to 2-digit percentages.

The homeless authority executive director, Peter Lynn, said that the cost of the additional homes for the homeless people would be around $150 million. This means that the LA County will be staring at a deficit of $220 million to take care of the homeless people.

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