LA Promotes Backyard Homeless Units

The plan to relocate the homeless people to the shelters in the backyard of houses has received without much enthusiasm from the residents. There were protests called “Not in my backyard” to block the move by the officials.

Los Angeles County has come up with a new plan the conquer the protests. They are ready to pay the property owners who are willing to put backyard units for the homeless.

The county board of supervisors had last year approved a pilot program worth $550,000 to build some houses in backyards or to upgrade already existing garages which are illegally constructed.

Bloomberg Philanthropies in February this year awarded L.A. a $100,000 Mayor’s Challenge grant to conduct a study on the feasibility of building backyard homeless units in the city limits.

The rents for this program are expected to be covered by low-income vouchers. Tenants will provide 30% of their income for the program.

LA officials feel that the idea of backyard homeless units is the fast and comparatively cheaper option to provide shelter for more than 58,000 homeless people in the county. The voters of LA City have agreed on $1.2 billion tax to support homeless housing.

The homeowners ready to build a backyard house will get $75,000 as the loan or $50,000 for renovations of up to six units.

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Maria Burns

Maria Burns

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