LeBron Sidesteps Questions About His Future

Many felt that LeBron James was playing the final chapter of his remarkable basketball career when he announced 4 years ago that he will be going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He had two championships and 4 years with the Miami Heat and finally decided to go back to Cleveland Cavaliers from where his NBA career began. He wanted to break the championship curse that Cavaliers were carrying and also prove his legacy.

James joined the Cleveland team and the fortunes of the team changed for good. They were able to claim their first Championship in about 50 years and James had a lot to contribute to the team. Now that he is going to be a free agent soon, everyone is looking at what the future holds for him.

There are many who feel that he will be joining the Lakers team. There are others who predict that he will resign a new agreement with the Cavaliers. James has not come out in the open and said what he’s going to do. This is how he has led his 15-year-old career. He holds his cards very close to his chest.

The only thing that James has said so far is that he does not have a list of teams that he could choose from after he sits down to decide what he will do as a free agent.

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