Liberian Rapper teams up with TWISTA!

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CHARLOTTE,NC – 08-09-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Rapper, WF Doc releases a game changing album!

When you see a word like Prescelto, as an English speaker, the only letters that may look familiar are Pres.The word Prescelto is not an English word, it’s an Italian word which means, chosen or selected. WF Doc selected this title for his latest album because he feels like God chose him to do music.His name WF Doc stands for World Famous Doc. He has been making a name for himself in the music industry, specifically in the city of Chicago.He has worked with Mike Jones, TWISTA, and others.Music is not just a pass time for WF Doc, it’s something he lives every moment.When you play any of his songs, you can immediately hear the passion in his voice.Fast forward to this incredible album, WF Doc covers a wide range of topics.He talked about his African experience, his life here in the U.S.A, and personally experiencing hate from some people. The most important and impressive thing about his music is that it’s able to exemplify a person who is very hopeful about the future and determined to succeed.The song featuring TWISTA is an all time classic that will be played for generations to come. It is very catchy and TWISTA delivers his one-of-a kind, tongue twisting, fast rap that will leave fans in awe. WF Doc said, “I appreciate all my fans and everyone who has already purchased and will purchase my album. I create music because of you.”He also wants the world to know that a portion of the proceeds of this album will go towards helping the Liberian educational system, with a focus on less fortunate elementary school kids.With that said, show some love to WF Doc and the children of Liberia by purchasing his latest album, PRESCELTO. 

Listen to Mula Dance here
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