Liquid Crystal on Silicon Projectors Market – Wide Range Compatibility of and an Open Technology Platform Are Driving Demands

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Albany, NY — 05/18/2018 — Liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) market is a new display technology with a fast growing market. The technology is used in various sectors medical, automation, defense, entertainment and so on. LCoS projectors are a combination of Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology. LCoS projector uses this new display technology. This type of projectors incorporate features of both the DLP and LCD technologies.

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LCoS projectors make use of mirrored backing liquid crystal chips. Thus, they are reflective like DLP technology. Like LCD technology these displays also block light by using liquid crystals. LCoS technology provides superior performance and thus the projectors using this technology are can provide additional features like ruggedness and better quality images. Wide range compatibility of LCoS and an open technology platform are driving the market through widening of potential scope of areas of application.

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These projectors experience seasonal boom during large scale events. This technology is being increasingly adopted in head-up displays (HUD) and head mounted display (HMD). This type of projectors use very accurate and smooth image and do not have screendoor effect and provide very accurate reproduction of colour.

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Pico LCoS projectors are likely to experience the highest growth during the forecast period of 2016 – 2024. Pico LCoS projectors are increasingly being used in consumer applications like projecting photos, videos and reading documents and the same is forecasted to contribute to the high growth of the sector in the years to come.

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