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KANSAS CITY, MO – 08-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — “Luxury Lifestyle access is now possible over blockchain”

Luxreum Global has announced the first-ever global hybrid marketplace, built using blockchain technology, for premium and luxury products, which comprises an online marketplace and a global physical network of premium and luxury providers. The premium sector startup is ready to accept cryptocurrencies for all the purchases done through its online and offline network. 

Luxreum’s online marketplace plans to feature products and services from the premium and luxury segments including watches, Jewelry, apparel, footwear, and other specialty Items, concierge services, marine and aviation rental/repair services, exotic car sales and rental, and home/business services. Additionally, Luxreum intends to create a global network of dealers, brokers, manufacturers, and service providers in the premium and luxury segment.

“Luxury encompasses many people, places, and things. Normally reserved for the elite, we at Luxreum believe it is now time to open sharing more of what luxury has to offer with more people.  Our aim at Luxreum is to bring luxury to the masses for crypto lovers everywhere,” said Kenn White, co-founder of Luxreum Global. 

Sean Marsh, another co-founder of Luxreum Global, added, “By creating the worlds first hybrid cryptocurrency marketplace built over blockchain, Luxreum will bridge the gap making luxury and premium products and services more obtainable than ever before. Luxreum will eliminate previous boundaries in the way of needed progress while moving crypto adoption forward.”

With the help of blockchain technology, Luxreum addresses challenges like counterfeiting, high forex and transactional charges, security concerns, fraud, and is ready to offer end-to-end tracking of national/international shipments. Furthermore, it promotes cryptocurrency adoption by accepting all the major cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and XRP.

Luxreum will operate through two primary global centers in the US and Europe. The company plans to create multiple regional hubs in all the premium markets around the world. Luxreum is built by a team of luxury and premium industry veterans that understand every single aspect of these industries. 

Luxruem is running a token sale event to raise funds for its project by releasing its native crypto token, LXR. Find out more about their company by visiting


About the Company: Luxreum Global is a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Hybrid Marketplace Platform Start-Up


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