Manhunt Is Underway For A Parolee After An RV Chase

There is a serious search across the LA and Kern counties being carried out by the police for a parole on a motorhome. The man identified as Stephen Houk was driving the RV with his two children in it.

The police carried out a massive chase for over an hour across the Los Angeles area freeways to nab him. His motorhome stuck in an almond orchard somewhere north of Bakersfield and Stephen managed to escape from the vehicle without the police noticing him. His two children were safely found. They were just 3 years and 11 months old.

It is not clear as to when Stephen managed to escape from the motorhome as the door through which he escaped was out of sight of the police. Stephen is 46 years old and is wanted for child abduction, weapon violations, child endangerment, and evading. The police believe that he is armed. He has also had a big dispute with his wife on Tuesday. The LA police encounter with Stephen’s vehicle took place just before 3 pm and they tried to pull it over.

After a hot pursuit of over an hour, his vehicle got stuck in an almond orchard soggy ground. The officers waited for the response from the driver, but only saw a little boy come out of the vehicle. His sister was inside the vehicle and the man had escaped.

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