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DENVER, CO – 06-29-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Merica Bourbon Founder Derek Sisson announced that Merica Bourbon would be available today, in Colorado.  The bourbon is available online for purchasing in states where online distribution of spirits is legal.

“We are excited to be bringing this award-winning bourbon to Colorado,” said Sisson. “This is just the next step as we continue to take Merica Bourbon across the country.”

“Merica Bourbon has rapidly become a top-selling spirit brand for us due to its superb quality and it’s appeal to the American consumer. Our customers have been blown away by the smoothness of Merica Bourbon and are proud to support this veteran-owned product.  Merica Bourbon is also a brand that our sales team loves to support! Our small team of 9 reps includes two Marines, two ex-Army, and one ex-Air Force vet.”  Said Chris Heinz of Bub’s Distributing.

Merica Bourbon Whiskey is proudly made in America with the finest American Grains using a patented revolutionary process to offer the cleanest, smoothest and best-tasting whiskey. This whiskey is dedicated to the same pride and craftsmanship that made this country great.

The concept for Merica Bourbon was started with a will to produce the best-tasting whiskey in America and to give back to the community by three businessmen and friends coming from different segments of the spirits industry. This combined experience in design, sourcing, and a strong passion for whiskey has produced the product that you see and is now available in stores in Colorado.

About Merica Bourbon 
Proudly made in America, Merica Bourbon is made with the finest American Grains using a patented revolutionary process to offer the cleanest, smoothest, best-tasting whiskey. This Whiskey is dedicated to the same pride and craftsmanship that made America great.

About Bub’s Distributing

 Bub’s is Colorado’s newest full-service distributor for craft spirits, small production vineyards, and specialty craft and imported beers. For progressive retailers, bars, and restaurants, Bub’s offer’s a single source alternative to today’s mega-distributors.

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