Missing Mother And Son Found Under 3 Feet Snow

A freak accident occurred at the Kirkwood Mountain ski resort in Sierra Mountains. In the horrific accident, Olga Perkovic 50 and her 7-year-old son Aaron Goodstein from San Francisco got buried under 3 feet of snow at the front door of their vacation condo.

The mother and son were discovered under the snow two hours after they were reported missing. Both were unconscious when they were discovered. The Alpine County Sheriff’s office informed that the ski glove spotted by a neighbor under the snow helped to discover the missing people. According to the authorities, the pile of snow that slid from the roof might have buried them. Perkovic was with her mother and three children at the resort enjoying a ski vacation.

According to the officials, the tragedy struck when the mother and son were coming back after a ski session on the slopes in the afternoon. They were last spotted live at 4pm boarding the ski lift. They failed to return to the condo even after it was dark and were reported missing later at 6.40 pm. The search was started even before the authorities got the missing complaint. At 9 pm, a neighbor spotted ski gloves partly buried in the snow near their condominium.

Rescuers took them out from the snow and they were flown to hospital with the help of helicopters. However, they died later. The weekend saw the biggest snowstorm with more than 6 feet of snow.

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