Movoto Real Estate Welcomes Tung Nguyen to its Bay Area Brokerage

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They provide so many tools. I used to be my own marketing department, my own accounting department—I was everything. But now all they want me to do is focus on closing sales.

SAN MATEO, Calif. February 06, 2018

Movoto Real Estate welcomes one of its newest additions to its brand-new Bay Area brokerage, Tung Nguyen, a highly-rated broker with a charitable side. While Nguyen has been in real estate since 1999, it wasn’t until he went back to school for an MBA—in order to run his own brokerage—that he jumped into real estate full-time around 2006. For the next twelve years, Nguyen honed his craft and learned how to run a successful brokerage by providing his clients with enough expertise that would garner him a solid network of trusted referrals.

“I do things a little differently,� explains Nguyen. “I have three rules, or three guarantees for my sellers: One, they can fire me at any time—if I don’t deliver tomorrow, they can let me go without any hassle. I don’t deserve their business if I can’t deliver on what I say I’m going to do. Two, I won’t represent any buyers when I’m listing their home for sale, which doesn’t conflict with my objective of getting them top604 dollar for their home. It’s really difficult to get the seller top dollar when you’re trying to get the buyer the lowest price at the same time. Three, I purchase a seller’s home warranty for my clients that insures the house during the time it’s up for sale.�

The strategy has worked well so far. “Almost all of my business is from referrals,� says Nguyen. “Now I pass Movoto’s lead generations on to my newer agents, since I’m fortunate enough to have my own network.�

It wasn’t always so easy—when Nguyen began full-time, it took a few years to get going. “I was ready to quit those first three years. It was hard, really! But I was fortunate to have a wife who was really supportive and believed in what I did. She said she would hold it down at home, and then after two or three years, it took off.�

Nguyen’s previous position at Realty World – Six Sigma as head broker in the San Jose area solidified his career in real estate. During that time, he met Movoto’s future VP of Operations, Maximillian Diez, who encouraged Nguyen to make the switch to Movoto.

“Max was talking about going to Movoto and said, ‘You’ve gotta come over!’ But I was hesitant because I like being independent, but Max said, ‘You just keep doing what you’re doing, only you’re with Movoto.’ I said, ‘That makes sense to me, I’m in.’ And I made the switch,� says Nguyen. “I couldn’t be happier.�

Nguyen is a busy guy. Aside from working full time (and then some) in the demanding world of real estate, he is also on the Board of Directors of both the California Association of Realtors and the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors. One of the reasons why he switched to Movoto is because it saved him time.

“They provide so many tools. I used to be my own marketing department, my own accounting department—I was everything. But now all they want me to do is focus on closing sales,� says Nguyen. “I spent a lot of time printing and hand-mailing fliers and mailers and such. But now I have Movoto’s marketing department to help me out, so it frees up a lot of my time. I absolutely love it.�

Plus, Nguyen has more time to work on volunteering and charitable work. “I’m a firm believer that the more you give, the more you give, the more you get back,� he says. One past experience which really struck a chord when he read about a high school friend in a local San Jose newspaper. She had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer and was struggling to buy in another part of town where her children could have more chances.

“So I reached out to her. I wanted to help her out, so I told her that 100 percent of my commission would go to her, which was about $20K,� he says. Making her wish come true wasn’t easy, but he made it happen.

“She wasn’t supposed to get the home she did,� explains Nguyen. It was Monday at five o’clock. Offers were due in at noon the previous day. I called the agent: there were two all-cash offers and five offers total. I begged the agent for an hour to let me get an offer in, and, finally, he let me. So I put together a really long email explaining her situation and that 100 percent of my commission would go to her, along with an addendum to let the seller know that we weren’t related. And the sellers chose her over the other offers, including the all cash offers. And also which was very fortunate for her situation, she was only given six months to live, but she lived for another six years and got to see her kids grow and go to school for that time,� says Nguyen.

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