Mudslide Threat Causes Evacuation In Southern California

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Heavy snow and steady rain in Southern California on Thursday caused more than 30,000 people to leave the Santa Barbara County before Friday. In January, the coastal areas of the southern part of California were devastated by heavy mudslides.

The forecasters were not able to predict the intensity of the storm expected on Friday said Sheriff, Bill Brown. However, dangerous flash floods and mudslides are expected. Many residents are not willing to leave the place.

Montecito resident, Harriet Mosson, said that he is not going anywhere. Another 76-year-old lady said that she is living in three-story building on the U.S. ocean side and the January mudslides did not cause any problems. She believes another mudslide is not going to happen now and if something happens she will be able to escape.

It is not possible to force the residents to leave their homes when there is order for mandatory evacuation said the authorities. However, they should not expect rescue help when the storm is occurring.

There is a blizzard warning issued from the Sierra Nevada by the National Weather Service. The wind speed expected is 125 mph on ridges in the area and 60 mph in the valleys.

The officials have warned people to stay away from mountain roads as snow is expected. The whiteout conditions have caused the closure of 90 miles of interstate 80.

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