Musubu Releases Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal to Better Track IP Address and Network Threats

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WINSTON-SALEM – 12-05-2018 ( — Enterprise and small business cybersecurity teams can now greatly reduce the time it takes to research suspicious IPs and Networks, do faster cyber threat detection and response.

Dec, 5 2018 – Winston-Salem, NC – Musubu, a leading provider of IP address and network data APIs and applications for cybersecurity professionals and teams, announced today the general availability of its MusubuApp, a simple, highly-affordable web application that delivers practical, immediately usable threat intelligence around IP-driven cyber threats – the number one vector of cybercrime for businesses large and small. MusubuApp allows security and information technology (IT) professionals to quickly research and identify malicious servers and clients making connections with their websites, apps, mail servers, cloud servers, and other networked assets.

“With cyber insecurity rising daily across all industry sectors and with the vast majority of companies ill-equipped know-how, time, or budget-wise to defend themselves, we think it’s more important than ever to produce low-cost, easy-to-use, but highly-effective tools for as much of the market as possible,” said Jason Polancich, Musubu Co-Founder. “Whether you’re a big, well-equipped company with a robust security team or a smaller firm with limited resources, you simply need tools that just work to make you as efficient as possible in the face of ever-growing daily threat volumes.”

MusubuApp allows users to search in bulk for suspicious IP addresses (IPs) and instantly see a detailed set of data about the IPs such as:

  • The level and severity of cyber threat per IP
  • The types of threats associated with each IP
  • The total volume of cyber threats per IP
  • Other risky IPs in the same subnet
  • The network IPs belong to and what type of network

As well, MusubuApp provides key usability features to help operators be more efficient when hunting threats:

Bulk IP Search – Users can import up to 500 IPs via JSON or CSV for immediate search and monitoring. Users can also export any results to CSV or JSON for integration elsewhere.

Watchlists – Users can create lists of IPs, name and describe them for alerting as well as subject them to advanced data analytics and intelligence modules.

Geolocation – Users can see IP addresses and their threat profiles on Google Maps embedded in the application and click to street addresses for individual IPs. They can also search IPs straight onto the map.

Tags – Users can tag IPs with useful labels and share them across the user community. Users can also map entire tag sets instantly.

Trends & Analytics – Users can instantly gain intelligence from their Watchlists via modules that show things like new threats, rising threat ratings, time-series threat analytics, and much more.

3rd Party Integrations – MusubuApp accommodates things like “click-to-query” for sending entire Watchlist lists into other complementary cyber tools and platforms.

As a result of its powerful, but simple features and low cost, MusubuApp is a natural complement to more expensive, enterprise tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), and Incident Response (IR).

“Consulting daily for commercial and government cyber defense initiatives, I can tell you that speed and efficiency when identifying and responding to threats are the most valuable commodities in cybersecurity,” said Wayne Wheeles, co-founder of Musubu. “MusubuApp is a simple little tool that makes a huge difference by cutting what are often 12-15 steps for IP research and threat identification down to only one.” 

MusubuApp can be readily bought online and prices range from free to only $39.00 per month. 



Founded by career-long IT entrepreneurs, software developers, intelligence analysts, and cybersecurity specialists, Musubu provides highly-affordable and easy-to-use cybersecurity APIs and web applications that let companies get vital data on IP addresses for their apps and sites plus related info on whether or not these IPs have any observed cyber threats associated with them. Musubu’s trademarked KnownNetworks® data provides one-of-a-kind insight into the networks behind given IP addresses for better cyber threat intelligence, threat detection, response, and mitigation.



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