New AALTCI Video Focuses on Standard Life Short-Term Care Insurance

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A video featuring American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance director Jesse Slome focuses on short-term care options that can be valuable for consumers.

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2018 — A new video available online discusses the benefits of short-term care insurance for seniors. Featuring Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) and the National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care information, the video also focuses on a significant short-term care insurance option just approved by the State of Texas.

“The presentation given to insurance agents in Texas explains why short-term care insurance is a highly viable way for consumers to plan for the very real risk of needing what we commonly call long-term care,” explains Jesse Slome, AALTCI's director. “Today, there are multiple options available but short-term care insurance is one that far too few know about.”

Slome's presentation also shared details of the Recovery Care II policy from Standard Life and Accident Insurance that was recently approved for sale in Texas. “There are some very attractive features of this policy that we believe will be of interest to insurance agents who market long-term care insurance or Medicare insurance products,” Slome adds.

A recording of the 30-minute video was posted on the National Advisory Center's website at “We are committed to growing the short-term care insurance marketplace,” Slome noted. “We believe this is a very viable planning option for the large number of seniors who want to undertake some long-term care planning but for who cost, health or age is an issue.”

The policy, according to Slome, is an especially valuable option for single women. “Women have the greatest risk of needing long-term care,” Slome points out. “They often have limited funds for insurance and this policy can be a very affordable way to get some coverage for care at home, in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing home setting.”

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance was established in 1998 and advocates for the importance of long-term care planning. Slome also serves as director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance and organizes the Medicare and Senior Products National Sales Summit. He is founder and director of the National Advisory Center for Short Term Care Information.

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