New Cyber Risk Tools for 3rd Party Management

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DENVER, CO – 02-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — has released an industry leading cyber security risk management tool that provides an accurate report card for risk managers and insurance underwriters giving them the ability to quickly check the cyber security health of suppliers,  vendors and clients.

Self Assessments are a thing of the past. The new cyber risk report card can check if your vendors / suppliers pose an immediate cyber risk and provides an accurate report card with letter grade and maturity tracking.

56% of data breaches are linked to 3rd parties.  

The current standard-outdated method of sending cyber risk self assessments in pdf or word files is no longer a modern approach for quickly understanding if your vendors, clients and suppliers will put your company at risk. 

With Techimon’s Rapid Cyber Risk Report Card, companies can quickly identify if their suppliers are at risk, with a non-intrusive, external passive scan.  The scan organizes the data into a well orchestrated report card dashboard with accurate scoring based on the MITRE CTSA scoring methodology, and along with multiple scan technology – false positives are removed making Techimon’s rapid scan the industry’s fastest and most accurate cyber risk evaluation.

10,000 times increase in cyber threats.

Knowing how your network looks to hackers is more important than ever before. 3rd-parties are directly linked to your network. Companies that manage large groups of suppliers and vendors are at the greatest risk and need to rethink strategies quickly. Sending a self assessment document to a vendor is not a great strategy and provides little to no validated information, potentially leading to increased data breaches within a company supplier network. Techimon’s Rapid Cyber Report Card has an interactive dashboard with extensive drill-down information that outlines critical vulnerabilities.

Learn more about  Cyber Risk Report Card for 3rd Party Risk Management


There is a secure online store for easy purchase of affordable rapid report card.  Buy a Rapid Scan Online


Pricing for multiple monthly scans depends on volume and service level.  Contact [email protected] for more info.


Techimon provides a full suite of best in class data security services and solutions,  setting a new standard in cyber security strategies. We identify and re-mediate threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping our customers deploy and manage leading edge technology that protects and defends.

Services are cyber security focused and include next generation firewalls, one click disaster recovery, multi-tier cyber security audits, world leading penetration testing, cyber security awareness training and cyber security policy creation and deployment.

Techimon recently launched an updated cyber security web site with focused core service offerings – learn more at

About Techimon Cyber Security Gap Assessments

Multi-tiered approach to identify vulnerabilities and gaps.  We have the World’s Top Solutions that are priced right and provide essential insight.

Comprehensive Report Card -FISMA & GDPR Compliance Check

Techimon classifies its findings into FISMA Cyber Security Framework Area and Maturity Level, NIST 800-53 Control Family, FIPS-200 Area, NIST 800-37 Process Step. The classification allows you to measure the compliance level of the target company for different regulations including NIST 800-53, FISMA and GDPR.

Passive Non-Intrusive for 3rd party Risk Management

The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard provides letter grades and data details behind twenty risk categories. The passive version of the scorecard does not touch an organization’s systems or network assets, making it easy and non-intrusive for 3rd party risk management and cyber insurance subscribers.


Executives get an easy to understand scorecard with letter-grade scores and IT security teams can drill down to the technical details behind each risk category.

An Accurate Cyber Risk Report Card

The risks/vulnerabilities are prioritized by severity so that security engineer can quickly identify and mitigate them. The grading is based on industry standards and best practices (NIST NVD, MITRE CVSS, etc.). The overall grade indicates how easy it is to hack a company and individual category grades indicate how easy it is to leverage the security weaknesses of the category or the potential impact on a company’s cyber reputation.

API Integration

It is designed for performing a more comprehensive analysis of the cyber risk posture of a company or a large third partners (suppliers, cyber insurance customers, etc.). JSON formatted Data is also available via API.

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