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DALLAS, TX – 06-11-2018 (Press Release Jet) — LemonShark Poke is a fast casual, premium poke restaurant that serves locally crafted poke. LemonShark Poke is the fastest growing poke franchise in the US with over 90 locations sold in the past 11 months. Its newest location will open in Chico, Calif. in early July 2018.

LemonShark offers a “build your own bowl” model, where customers can choose their exact poke and toppings. This is particularly enticing to health-focused communities like Chico because a poke bowl can be as healthy or unhealthy as one makes it. LemonShark also created the Pokerrito, a hand-wrapped seaweed burrito filled with poke that is quickly becoming a popular “Instagrammable” product. LemonShark’s menu also includes a Hawaiian Katsu menu, bottomless miso soup and select appetizers such as spicy tuna crispy rice.

The Chico location is operated by Chico native, Camie Poyner. 

“We are so excited to bring LemonShark to the Chico community. We hope to create  a refined dining environment where the Chico residents can share a meal with family and friends. We are focused on health-conscious meals and choices, and ethically sourced products.”

When: LemonShark Poke Chico plans to open its doors to the public in early July 2018. Interested customers can follow their Facebook and Instagram pages @lemonsharkpokechico for an exact date.

Where: LemonShark Poke Chico will open in Downtown Chico at: 501 Main St. Chico, CA 95928

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About LemonShark Poke:

LemonShark Poké is a fast casual, premium poké franchise that serves locally crafted poké. LemonShark’s mission is  For sushi lovers and health conscious consumers who seek a premium product, LemonShark Poke serves only the finest quality ingredients in refined environments for a great value. Unlike other poke concepts, LemonShark Poke provides a combination of extraordinary service, a comprehensive food selection and a tight family community. LemonShark Poké is named after the Lemon Shark, a social species that hunts only on the finest quality of fish. The Lemon Shark looks for healthy, mature fish to prey on. Inspired by the discerning Lemon Shark, LemonShark Poké creates poké with only the finest line-caught fish available that is certified dolphin, sea turtle and sea mammal safe. LemonShark differs from other poké restaurants in that it offers a premium product and environment. Each location is spacious, inviting customers to sit and enjoy their meal, rather than grab and go.

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