New Version of Unreal Media Server Adds Full Support for WebRTC Low-Latency Live Streaming

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WebRTC by Unreal Media Server

WebRTC by Unreal Media Server

LOS ANGELES May 18, 2018

Unreal Media Server's WebRTC implementation enables multi-user video conferencing; low latency playback of hardware-originated live streams (IP cameras and encoders) in web browsers on all OS and mobile devices; playback of WebRTC-originated live streams in conventional players and STBs.

Unreal Live Server supports transcoding between H264, VP8, VP9 video codecs and Opus, AAC audio codecs, enabling on-the-fly stream adaptation to/from WebRTC browsers.

New features in Unreal Media Server:

  •     Full support for WebRTC: ability to publish live streams via WebRTC from web browsers to Unreal Media Server; ability to play live streams from Unreal Media Server in HTML5 video element via WebRTC.
  •     Complete re-work of MPEG2-TS receiver: improved startup time and performance.
  •     New type of live rebroadcast: HLS receiver.

New features in Unreal Live Server:

  •     Support for QuickSync and NVidia H264 hardware encoding.
  •     New video codecs support: VP8 and VP9.
  •     New audio codec support: Opus.

Unreal Media Server:

Live demos:


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