New Video Marketing tool for Real Estate Brokers-Agents accelerates Exposure, Sales

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ALAMEDA, CA – 06-27-2018 (Press Release Jet) — YouTube videos are instantly branded and personalized for social sharing and free exposure.

Voodoo© Video Marketing has launched an online subscription service exclusively for real estate brokers and individual real estate agents. The new service helps Realtors® sell homes faster using the proven marketing power of video content. 

“We asked Realtors how we could make their sales process more efficient and effective,” said Voodoo CEO Robert Cassard. “They wanted video marketing to be easier. They wanted their smartphone home tour videos to look more professional. And they wanted to stop sending clients and buyers to competitors’ websites and YouTube to watch real estate videos,” said Cassard. 

Video Brandcaster for Real Estate ( fulfills these requests and more. Agent-users can add unlimited real estate videos to a personal Video Library. All videos play in the agent-user’s unique video frame, personalized with their brand identity, name, email address, phone, website URL and other contact information.

This means Realtors can now choose any home tour or other real estate video available on YouTube, adding their own company branding and personal contact information in less than a minute. Video Brandcaster also includes easy social sharing features, allowing agent-users to share videos from any device — via email, text and social media. 

Online video marketing has long been proven effective for real estate sales, but its price tag has been cost-prohibitive for many agents and smaller brokerage groups. (A single professionally produced video can costs thousands of dollars.) Video Brandcaster solves that problem through a unique, low-cost cloud application that makes any video — including simple smartphone videos — appear professionally branded. 

Agents can now utilize any real estate video as “their own,” and the video will be presented in a customized, professional-looking frame. Videos that can accelerate the sales process include introductory and educational videos from brokers, instructional videos for buyers and sellers, home tour videos, and even videos created by other agents. Video content can replace time-consuming phone calls and reduce or eliminate the need to describe property details over and over. Video does the explaining — efficiently and consistently.

Video Brandcaster is also a breakthrough for buyer’s agents, who can now confidently share videos created by listing agents, knowing the videos will be framed with the buyer agent’s branding and contact information.

“Anyone trying to sell a property without the visual and emotional power of video is at a major disadvantage,” said Linda Pillard, a broker-agent in Northern California. Pillard uses Video Brandcaster to gain exposure for new listings and save time educating new clients. Pillard shares property tour videos along with introductory corporate videos produced by her national broker, United Country Real Estate. The corporate videos explain the company’s differentiators without Pillard needing to say a word. 

“Video helps potential clients convince themselves that they want to work with me. Having United Country’s videos framed with my own branding and contact information is a major time-saver,” said Pillard.

A subscription to Video Brandcaster retails for $29.95 a month. Currently however, Voodoo’s introductory sale offers 33% off. Agents who sign up during the initial launch period will pay a locked-in rate of $19.95 a month. These agents will also receive a free custom frame design created by Voodoo’s Art Department, a $49.95 value. Each design features the agent-user’s desired logo, colors,  and tag line. 

“A Video Brandcaster subscription costs less than a dollar a day,” said Cassard. “Any agent can easily afford to start video marketing immediately. Any Realtor can increase their exposure and speed up their sales cycle for the price of one decent lunch,” Cassard said.

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Voodoo® Video Marketing Magic ( is an online marketing systems developer and video content producer, in operation since 2007, with team clusters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and Phoenix. 

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