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Cheapfaremart announced today the availability of group flight booking services via its website. This endeavor is expected to reinvent the experience of corporate and educational institutions that often need to organize group travel for varied purposes.

Orlando, FL, May 18, 2018 — Cheapfaremart, a US-based ARC-accreditated travel agency, today announced the availability of online group flight booking services through its website. This is primarily for corporates and educational institutions that often need to organize travel for varied purposes. The service domain stays open for home users as well, provided they need to book 7 or more tickets together on the same flight. The service is aimed at easing the hassle of booking tickets for group travel and making travel affordable.

Group travel is gaining prominence and it has become a favorite segment of almost all travel agencies. The ticket booking service helps businesses to organize entertaining corporate trips to drive employee engagement and serve their customers based in other cities or nations.

Schools, colleges, and universities can find it easier to organize educational trips for learning and fun. Families can travel together and enjoy their vacation. Travel agencies reduce their profit margin as they are able to compensate it against the bulk booking of tickets.

Cheapfaremart’s attempt to unlock this potential market is full of challenges as there are many veteran players comprising third-party corporate travel agents. Popular airlines also offer this type of booking facility. Talking about their ambitious flight booking service, Aftaf Ahmad, Co-founder, Cheapfaremart said, “With the service, we are fulfilling the demand of our esteemed customers, who have been for years demanding the corporate flight booking service.”

The company has also ramped up its flight booking engine by making it more effective and responsive to handle more search queries and flight booking requests. The company has combined technology with customer experience (CX) to bring the world’s most user-friendly online flight booking platform.

Group flight booking at Cheapfaremart is available with over 100+airlines. Customers can book one-way as well as two-way flight tickets with a nonstop or direct flight based on their preference, convenience, and availability of flight at a particular point in time. In addition, businesses can perform regular and last-minute flight booking on special events/occasions like Black Friday, Boxing Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Columbus Day, Cyber Monday, Easter, Good Friday, to name a few.

Cheapfaremart is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) and ARC (airlines reporting corporation)-approved corporate agent based in the US. Customers can book and make payments easily using any credit/debit card or Internet banking system. However, customers must compare the flight fares with different service providers and airlines before securing their tickets.

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