One Hour Cannabis Delivery Service Launches in Toronto

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February 03, 2018 – The evolution of online cannabis dispensaries in Canada has just taken a giant leap forward with the announcement of the Herb2Curb 1.0 platform launched February 1st by Canadian online dispensary

The Herb2Curb 1.0 platform is currently beta testing in the metro Toronto and surrounding areas and will be expanding rapidly into other major markets Canada wide by early spring 2018.

“The main objective of the Herb2Curb 1.0 platform is to deliver high quality medical cannabis to patients in need within a one hour time frame in ANY major city in Canada. The concept is quite simple in nature and offers added security over other “to your door” services, in that, the actual financial transaction takes place online via major credit card. No actual cash ever changes hands at the door.” explains Dan Harrison, a spokesman for

“Herb2Curb will pave the future of online cannabis purchasing in Canada, one hour delivery is just the beginning”, said Harrison when asked what the future holds for Herb2Curb.

I guess we will wait and see, but for now one hour delivery of medical cannabis in Canada seems to be one step closer to becoming a reality.


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Jasmine Petters

Jasmine Petters

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