Plant More Local, Less Water Thirsty Plants And Enjoy A Beautiful Garden

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Water scarcity, water shortage and water conservation are hot topics these days. People around the world are thinking of ways to save clean, drinking water on planet earth. In these circumstances and specifically in the location of Southern California, people who belong to this particular hobby of gardening should not worry anymore. As we have got a solution for them.

Use local South Californian plants such as Succulents, cacti and grasses. It shall be easy to grow these plants as they would naturally thrive in their native region and habitat.

In contrast to other water thirsty plants, these plants shall require a low amount of water and attention. They are not sensitive but tough, hence can survive the harsh environment.

Even hot temperature and drought-like conditions have no effect on them and they can remain erect in soil with their full might for long.

Extra care or the availability of more fertile soil is also a not a tension anymore as these plants are meant to grow on their own in severe conditions.

It will not only be a satisfaction of anyone’s hobby but will also help to preserve and propagate the local flora of California. In this manner, people can beautify their gardens but at the same time can protect the environment too.

Some other plants just like, “Little Gem” and “Teddy Bear” dwarf Southern magnolias and Western Australian peppermint, which produce attractive foliage, bark and sometimes flowers, can also be a good choice.

So all those people who want to give their lives and gardens a fresh touch should start planting all these plants in their garden. It shall be of great worth.



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